Jesus Christ Healing

The healing miracles attributed to Jesus Christ stand as some of the most profound demonstrations of spiritual power in human history. In this article, we will explore the intriguing parallels between Jesus’ healing ministry and the principles of Christian Science as elucidated by Mary Baker Eddy. By examining these connections, we gain deeper insights into the timeless spiritual truths that underlie both Jesus’ teachings and Christian Science. Both Jesus Christ and Mary Baker Eddy emphasized the paramount importance of spiritual understanding in the healing process. Jesus often taught in parables, conveying profound spiritual......

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Read by more than eight million people, this nondenominational book has a 119-year history of healing and inspiration. The author, Mary Baker Eddy explains the scientific laws behind the teachings and healings of Christ Jesus and invites readers to deeply consider the allness of God, the perfection of man as God's spiritual creation, and how an understanding of these facts can free one from sin, disease, and death just as they did in biblical times.